3 years Curls and Bags!

Wow, it seems like forever ago since I started this blog! On a random day, when I was bored and thinking, ‘nah maybe I should start a blog’. I’m so happy that I was totally bored out that day! I’ve had a chance to meet so many new people, which is probably one of my favorite parts about blogging. Connecting with my readers on social media, meeting other bloggers at events, love it! 

On personal level this year has been one with ups and downs as most of you know. Blogwise, this year couldn’t have been better. I went to London three times and of course I went to Egypt with Club Med, which was an experience that I’ll never forget. Collaborations are entering my mailbox on the daily, so this blog is on a roll! 

And of course, I also posted a lot of outfits over the past year!
I want to thank all of you because my readers are the people who keep me going.<3. Hope you continue to follow me on my journey!