26 May 2018
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48 hours in Paris

A week ago we went on a roadtrip to Paris. With we I mean me, Nathalie, Annebeth and her boyfriend, Filip. Toyota invited us to try their new C-HR model and what’s a better way to try a new car than a trip to Paris? Being only a three hour drive, the city of love was the perfect destination to go to. It’s a city that neither me or Nathalie get tired of. We love to visit the many hotspots or typical Parisian Café’s or do some shopping damage ;-). 

The car definitely pleased us, we were just the passengers since Filip was driving but the car drives very smooth so we could get some work done or in my case take a good nap. Next to that even in the back of the car you had a lot of space and the trunk was big enough for all the stuff we always bring. Even when it’s just for one night, we love to bring enough outfit options. 

We visited this hotspot, called Ralph’s (from Ralph Lauren), that Nathalie wanted to visit for a while now. We had the most insane brunch, definitely a recommendation if you go to Paris since it also has a very romantic setting. We both also did some shopping, to see what we bought, be sure to check our video at the end of this post! See you soon Paris! 


Lets get the day started ?? #breakfast #food #ralphs #paris #curlsandbagsinparis

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