Welcome to Curls and Bags, I’m happy to have you here!

I’ve started this blog in April 2012 as my new hobby and quickly it became my obsession. I am proud to say that over the years I managed to make blogging my fulltime job which allows me to put all my time into creating content, the thing I love most and I hope you will too.

As time and blogposts went by, I also discovered where my interest really is; a combination of fashion and travel. My style is feminine and playful, I like to mix designer and high street items. As most people, I share a lot on instagram and not every outfit makes it to this blog. To see all my outfits, I would recommend to check out my instagram. When I travel, I always love to write a report here, telling you about my favorite hotspots, tips and experience. Lately I’ve also been focussing a lot on youtube, since I think it is so much more personal than just words. On whatever channel you tune in, I hope I can inspire you during your next shopping spree or travels.

Stay in touch and enjoy reading!


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