Beauty favorites: Guerlain, YSL, Kenzo, Rituals

It’s been a while since I did a beauty post! Today I want to show you my current favorites. First up is this Guerlain bronzer, which you could already see in my summer essentials post. It really is my favorite at the moment because it’s very light and the colour is just enough for that extra tanned look. I also really enjoy the scent! This one is nr 03 naturel- brunettes. 

Another product that I’ve been using a lot, is this YSL Couture Mono eyeshadow. It’s nr 3 (Marceau) and I use it a lot as a highlight in my inner eye corners. 
Swatches of the Guerlain bronzer and YSL eyeshadow.

Next up is this Mandi Lulur scrub and cream. I just love the scent, it’s so fresh! The body cream has shimmer in it so it really brings out your tan even more (if you have one). Be quick because these ones are limited edition! 

Finally, I also LOVE this Kenzo product. With the hotter days and vacation coming up, it is so refreshing to just spray it over your face during the day. The scent of this one is also amazing! 
Any of these products you want to give a try yourself?