Beauty: First impression of Dior Fall15

Look what arrived on my desk this week. The new Dior Fall collection! This collection blew me away. So many surprising new things, liquid eyeshadow, creme blushes and the fluid lipstick, I was beyond excited to try this all out! Let’s have a look at my first impressions. 


Let’s start with this palette, I was really surprised with this colour combo, green and purple, why not? I haven’t done a look with it yet, but the swatches look promising. Retail price: €62
Fluid eyeshadow, the perfect eyeshadow for lazy girls! I can’t believe this amazing metallic finish. I’ve read online that people found it hard to use, and it does take some practise, but the end result looks so nice and you learn to do it within a few seconds. The trick is to just apply it with the brush and correct it with a cotton swab if you have to. I like to wear both of them as a liner and the brown one also to cover my complete lid. I did try these already and they stayed in place for many hours! Retail price: €36
Retail price powder: €27
These blushes look intense, I know! I’ve tried it: they are easy to blend and the result is beautiful. I love that it’s packaged in sticks, easy to take with you and reapply whenever you need it. Retail price: €36

When I saw these lipsticks my first thoughts were that they would be too pale or too dark for me. Then I applied them and they turned out to be just perfect! The fluid lipstick is very classy when applied. It just has that bit of shimmer that makes your lips look even better. Retail price: €38
It’s been a while since a make-up collection wowed me, but this one really did! Therefore I wanted to do a seperate post with more focus on the products, and in the next weeks there will be a few make-up looks following with these products.What product attracts you the most?