Beauty: Focus on Collistar

Today I want to focus on a beauty brand that I recently got to know better; Collistar. I really liked all four products that I got to try out, so I wanted to put it in the spotlight on my blog. 

First up are their scrubs. I loved the texture which was not too rough and not too soft either. It comes with a plastic spoon so you don’t get water in the jar. The blue one reminds me of a typical Spa scent, very relaxing, while the red/orange one is more fruity and sweet!The price for one is 49,95 euro.

I also got to try out these two products. The magic drops for the face are pigmented drops to get a tanned look (they also have it for the body). It looks a bit scary at first because the pigment is very dark, but I always use it after putting on my moisturizer. The result is a natural looking tan!
The last product that i’ve tried it the super-moisturizing toning. I love this because it’s light (a bit like an after-sun) and it keeps my body hydrated. Especially with these temperatures, I don’t feel like putting body butter on my body, this spray is just perfect. Both these products costs 29,95 euro. 
Which product do you like the most?