Beauty: Givenchy Croisière

The new SS15 collection from Givenchy came in and I love it! It has some products that give your skin that nice tanned glow, with my pale skintone I’m always happy to try these kind of products. Let’s have a look! 

First up is ‘Mister Radiant’ (€39,5), this gel has pigments in it and when you rub it over your skin, they ‘pop’ open and you can spread it evenly. The golden pigments give a shimmer and the brown ones give the skin a more tanned colour, together it gives an amazing healthy glow to your skin! The gel doesn’t feel sticky at all. The only thing that’s a bit less practical is that you sometimes don’t have a brown pigment if you take a small amount of product but this just needs some practise! 

Without and with Mister Radiant  (only wearing a bit concealer on both pictures)

The ‘Poudre Bonne Mine’ (€48) is a very lightweight powder to finish of your tanned look. It comes in four different shades, the one that I have is nr3 Ambre Croisière. Even with my pale skin, the colour is not too much, it stays natural. And look at that motive, gorgeous! Check below for a picture with it.

I’m not really a huge fan of coloured mascara. In some cases it is great to finish of your look and it’s definitely a trend this summer. My lashes are very dark so the blue isn’t that intense as it would be on most people. The brush is perfect to apply an even amount to all your lashes so if you are looking for a blue coloured mascara, be sure to consider this one! ‘Phenomen’eyes Croisière Lagon‘ Limited edition (€32,5)

A nude gloss is always nice to have! This one is not so sticky and it has a nice flavour. It’s ‘Gloss Interdit – Secret Nude‘ (€30)

Full look wearing Mister Radiant, Bonne Minne powder (on my forehead and cheeks), Phenomen’eyes and the Gloss interdit

I can already feel that this colour will be one of my favorites this summer. Givenchy polishes are always great quality and easy to apply! This colour is Croisière Sensation (€23,5).

Did any product of this collection catch your eye? Find this collection at Ici Paris XL.