Beauty: Givenchy Superstellar

For my first post I’m going to review the new Superstellar Fall collection from Givenchy. First things first, the package! Which is absolutely stunning. All products look very luxurious and my favorite one is the palette with the three stars. 

This palette, Le Prisme Superstellar is limited edition so be sure to get it quickly! As you can see in the swatches the eyeshadows are very pigmented. Thanks to the powder to cream texture, they are very smooth to apply. 

The Givenchy lipsticks are always very creamy and don’t dry out your lips. This one is Heroic pink and a perfect colour for fall! 
The correcting powders from the ‘Le Prisme Visage’ palette make sure your skin has a nice glow, corrects redness and dark circles. You can use the powders seperate for specific areas or mix the powders to use it as a setting powder. This palette is available in seven different colours and has a beautiful brush that comes with it.

This palette is perfect for a smokey eye look with a golden accent. The colours are very pigmented as you can see and they are also easy to blend in with each other. 

The liner, Heroic Silver, is too good to be true! A bright silver colour and a thin applicator that allows very precise application. This eyeliner will make your eyes stand out for sure!
Overall, this collection is very pigmented, easy to apply and it’s possible to create some very creative looks with these products. Which product is your favorite?