Beauty: Kingdom of Colors by Dior

When I was in Egypt, it was the perfect moment to try the new Dior products. This spring color is very important at Dior. The eye-catcher of the collection is definitely the Kingdom of Colors palette (€78,96). In this palette, you’ll find everything you need for a nice make-up look! 

This palette includes products for your skin, eyes and lips. It also comes with a typical Dior blush brush and a pouch (not shown on pictures). This makes it a perfect palette to take with you when you travel or when you want to do some touch ups during the day. Overall I really liked these products, the pigment is nice but you need to take your time when you’re doing your make-up with this palette. I must add that you have to be careful that the powder doesn’t get mixed into the lipgloss!

Above that this palette is really such a nice piece to have if you’re a Dior fan. I think they did a really nice job on the design. Let’s have a look at the rest of the collection too! 
Ah the Cheek & Lip Glow, I love this product! I used it daily in Egypt and on a tanned skin your skin looks a bit more flushed. I did have to get used to the structure but once you do it looks so natural and subtile, this is definitely a winner for me :-). I mainly use it on my cheeks and not so much on my lips. 

Personally, these two 5 couleurs palettes (€61,79) are my favorite pieces of the collection. I mean the colors of these palettes are just so stunning! I can’t even make up my mind about which one I like most, which one do you tend to go for? 

In the past year I’ve tried several Dior nail polishes (€27,05) and I must say, they really are the best nail polishes I’ve ever had. They stay around a week and they are easy to use. Not to mention that the colors are always pretty! I can tell you the same about the Rouge Baume (€36,73), they never dissapoint! 
Tell me, what do you like most about this collection?