Beauty: My current hair favorites

L'oreal vitamino color expert
I recently got sent a lot of hair products. After trying some different things I managed to pick out my favorites, which I want to show you today. I just went to the hairdresser and went back to a full brunette look! To keep my colour as long as possible I’m using this L’Oréal Expert shampoo (€14,45) and mask (€19,90).

mythic oil l'oréal

I always blow dry my hair and most of the times I use a straightener or curling iron after the blow dry. We all know that that isn’t the best thing to do to your hair, I’ve been using this Mythic oil ever since I received it to keep my hair from being damaged! 
matrix turbo dryer l'oreal next day hair

These two products are my most used styling products at the moment. The blow dry spray from Matrix (€18,45) because it preps your hair for a blow dry and the Next Day Hair spray from L’Oréal professionel to make my hair less fluffy and a bit more stiff. Not on the picture, but I occasionally also use hair oil to keep it healthy and shiny. 

miss dior hair mist

What better way to finish your hair routine than with a product that leaves your hair with a delicious scent? The Miss Dior hair mist (€45) is pretty amazing. We all know this iconic scent and now it’s also available to spray on your hair! You can order this one online at Boots. Be sure to check here for any discounts if you would order!  
Let me know what kind of products you use for your hair in the comments!