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Time to give you guys an update about my current hair routine! During winter I notice my skin in general gets really dry. My skin was recently super dry around my hair area, which was a struggle for me. When Head & Shoulders asked me to try out their products, I was definitely up for it! Head & Shoulders is mostly known for its anti-dandruff shampoo which makes people think it’s an aggressive shampoo.

They recently improved their formula and launched the Head & Shoulders 3-Action. These shampoos clean, protect and nurture your hair. When I’m in a hurry I use the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. When I have more time, I use a shampoo and I add one of my Kérastase masks. My favorite shampoo is the citrus one. It smells so fresh! Since I’m using Head & Shoulders I noticed my scalp is not dry anymore. My other shampoos also made my hair greasy pretty quick. Since I’m using Head & Shoulders I use a lot less dry shampoo.  I’m still using this shampoo because thanks to the new formula it makes my hair super soft.

After I washed my hair it’s time to blow dry it! I make sure to use a lower temperature when I’m drying the hair close to my scalp, which helps a lot to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out again.

To get my hair more polished, I’m using my trusty steampod. I love that you can put the heat on only 140 degrees! My hair just got a lot shorter because it was damaged from colouring and I want to make sure to protect it as much as I can so I can finally let it grow long again!


And then the final step, adding waves with my curling iron. I know it sounds crazy that I’m brushing my own curls away to put new ones in it, but I think these curls look so much more refined and less frizzy. I always make sure to use heat protecting products and to add oil when my hair is still wet or as a final step when I’m done curling.

Et voila! That’s my current hair routine. I wash my hair every three days since it’s quit the work (for real who has time for that?) and washing your hair every day isn’t recommended. I might touch up the curls a bit the second or third day or go for a half bun. I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Make sure to follow me on instagram because I will have a Head & Shoulders giveaway very soon!


This post is a collaboration with Head & Shoulders