Easter Brunch in Paris

https://duke-wedding.com/Hi guys, those who follow me on instagram (@jeroenvanes), know that I’ve been to New York. This trip was just incredible, I’m so happy I could spend some time discovering this city with Nathalie. Be sure to check the vlogs on our youtube channel ;-). After one week in Belgium we were ready to leave the country again. This time we didn’t went that far, but nonetheless it was a lot of fun as well! We went on a romantic trip to the city of love, Paris!

It was the perfect place and time to wear my new suit from WE fashion. I didn’t have a suit in my wardrobe yet, so I was super excited to look for the perfect one. What I love about this suit is the navy blue colour, the skinny fit and that it’s made to wear more casual with a t-shirt and sneakers. This sporty chic look totally fits my personal style!

I’m not a big fan of wearing formal shoes. I’m so used to wear sneakers, that I think it strange to see me with classic shoes. Yesterday I did some Gucci shopping and I bought my first designer item ever! The embroidered golden bees are a special touch to the shoes and make them really unique. They are the perfect match with this suit!

Suit: WE Fashion
T-shirt: WE Fashion
Sneakers: Gucci
Sunglasses: Dior