19 September 2018
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First preview of our bedroom!

Hi guys! As you all know by now, we finally moved in to our apartment in Antwerp. The past days we’ve been running around a lot moving stuff and ordering more furniture. We are still waiting for a lot of pieces but you can expect some room tours here very soon! In this post we want to give you a little sneak peak of our bedroom, which is almost finished.

I don’t think a lot of you know this but both me and Nathalie lived with our parents the past years, so sleeping was sometimes a struggle. At Nathalie’s place we put two mattresses together, so one of us always fell in a gap during the night. Lucky for me that was Nathalie most of the times ;-). And at my home we had a bed that was just a bit too small for two persons, especially when it was very hot outside like the past few days. Having a big bed with a nice mattress feels so luxurious now!

We decided to go for an Emma mattress, since it’s picked out as the best mattress on the market by Test-Aankoop. We both sure do feel the difference, we wake up less during the night and during the day we feel more energetic and well rested.