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Hi guys! I recently did a Keratine treatment at Maison Maite. Since I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde it got really dry and unmanageable. That’s why my hairdresser advised me to try a Keratine treatment. Keratine is a protein that’s already in your hair and a Keratine treatment adds an extra layer of Keratine which makes the hair a lot healthier, less frizzy and more straight. This layer also protects your hair against the heat.

undetectable hair prostheses
This picture is after I simply blow dry my hair. As you can see, it’s a lot smoother and less frizzy! Sorry for the messy pic, I wasn’t planning on using these but eventually you can really see the difference the best on these ones. The first picture is when I curl my hair after a blow dry.
To keep this layer for a few months, you have to make sure you are using the right products. Avoid using shampoo’s with sulphates because they will break off this layer of Keratine.
So did I find it useful? Yes, definitely! My hair is half as frizzy as before and a lot healthier. It’s not yet where I want it to be but slowly getting there ;-). The only thing I liked less about this treatment is the scent of the Keratine, but you only notice this while you wash your hair and it gets less strong every time.
Want to get your own Keratine treatment done? Be sure to make an appointment at Maison Maite.