I think you all know I’m a real sweettooth. I just can’t resist a cookie now and then (aka, multiple times a day). Oreo just launched their newest cookie, Oreo Crispy & Thin. They make it even harder to resist! I already liked the normal Oreo cookies, but the Crispy & Thin ones are just the perfect match with what I love. They are more sophisticated than the regular ones since they are thinner. That makes them very crispy and so delicious!

I think they are perfect to eat during a break. There are eight cookies in every packaging, so you can spread them throughout your day. I must admit that is something I don’t succeed in ;-). If you have friends over for coffee, I’m sure you’ll be a great host if you offer Oreo Crispy & Thin, it’s also perfect to dip in your hot drinks! For the occassion I invited my bestie Annabel to try the cookies together with some coffee, and boy those cookies were gone quick… 

Did you already try Oreo Crispy & Thin? Which ones do you like more, Oreo Original or Oreo Crispy & Thin?


Post in collaboration with Oreo