Instagram recap of July

August has arrived so it’s time for an Instagram recap! Our holiday to Spain was definately the most fun thing in July! But we had a little less moment there too! There was a Kiko Cosmetics shop and a Primark store just a half hour drive from where we were, but there didn’t go a buss and taxis were expensive. So we didn’t go… *sad face* But well maybe our wallet is grateful for that ;-).

New Mango top                                                     Choco                                                Souvenirs!

When I bought my Maxidress at Mango, Julie bought this supercute top that reminds me of my cat! 
Kiko nailpolish                                   Palmtrees                                                        Schwarovski ring       

I’ve seen this beautiful ring at the airport, and I love it! But it’s kinda expensive (130€) and I already have two beautiful rings with a special design. Soooo what do you think? Maybe it’s already a great idea for a Christmaspresent? 

Phax bikini                                                                       Outfit preview                                                Frozen Yoghurt
You can check this outfit HERE. This frozen Yoghurt is so addictive. I ate one each day and the last day even two *oops*. I want one in Antwerp!
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Julie and Nathalie