Jeroen: adidas Ultra Boost 2.0

Hi guys, this was my look for a day full of sales shopping. I normally don’t like shopping in the sales because it is so crowded. I needed some new clothes for my holiday so I didn’t really have a choice ;-). I’m currently in the South of France relaxing with my family and of course with Nathalie, be sure to follow me on instagram to see my vacation looks (@jeroenvanes).

With this look I am wearing my newest sneakers, the adidas Ultra Boost. This is a sneaker I wanted for a long time but they went deadstock the same day they released. Now adidas made a 2.0 version of them in the triple white and triple black. These sneakers don’t only look super cool but are also super comfortable. The only problem with white shoes and this bad weather in Belgium is that they get dirty so fast :(. To top of this look I wear a simple white T-shirt, blue jeans and a flanel shirt. 

I’m wearing:
Denim: Tommy Hilfiger
T-shirt: All Saints
Shirt: Lee 
Sneakers: adidas Ultra Boost
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban