Who doesn’t like to buy shoes? I bought two pair of shoes the last two days and I love it. I’ve been looking at some webshops and I decided to show you my personal favorites. 

On the left we have glamorous Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They are really special, so only for the daredevils ;-). I like them a lot but unfortunately the price is as crazy as the shoe. If you don’t want to go that extravagant, the shoe on the right is amazing. I love the heel with those subtile studs. The brandname is Victoria Delef, and I must honestly say that I have never heard of this brand before. But I think they look really nice and the price is ok for leather shoes (100€). 

Oh yes, those sneakerwedges aren’t a one-season-trend. Some people hate them, but I definately don’t! As might you know I bought my sneakerwedges at River Island. Today I went shopping with a friend and I saw these leopard sneakers (left). I’m really doubting of buying these ones too. I know it’s the same pair but they’re just awesome! The other shoe is a fringed version of the wedge sneaker, designed by March 23. They have a really great collection of wedge sneakers. The best thing about it is that it’s a Belgian brand (and that the shipping is free)! My absolute favorite one is this fringed one. They have it in a lot of colours, but I prefer this grey one for the winter. 
Remember my post about Village Verve? I fell in love with these glitter loafers, and yesterday I decided to buy them (how can you resist -50%). Although a lot of people hate them already (so Michael Jackson!) I really like them. I guess you either hate it or love it. Find them HERE, if you love them too. The  shoe on the right is from Geox. I’m not a big fan of Geox, but I would make an exception for these loafers

LovelyPepa                                                     Raindrops Of Sapphire  

I did some research and found other bloggers that have similar glitter loafers. As you can see they are rockin’ their outfits with their shiny shoes!

I also have two other things to tell you. We bought our own domain, so it’s www.curlsandbags.com now! Secondly, I’m going to an event hosted by The Public Image tomorrow. It’s my first event for bloggers and I’m sooooo excited. If you want to be the first to know all about it, be sure to follow me on Instagram (@nathalievandenberg) or twitter (@nathalie_vdb).

That’s it for now! What do you think of my new ‘Michael Jackson’ shoes?