Milan & Genova: atmosphere

Zoals sommige misschien gelezen hebben, ben ik net terug van een citytrip! Ik ben drie dagen naar Milaan geweest en één dag naar Genova (een havenstad) om daar terug naar België te vliegen. Helaas is het al voorbij en zit ik terug in het bewolkte België :-(. Kijk even mee naar enkele sfeerbeelden van mijn trip!
As some of you might have read, I just got home from a citytrip! I went three days to milan and one day to Genova, where I flew back to Belgium. Unfortunately it’s already in the past and I’m back in cloudy Belgium :-(. Take a look at the pictures from the atmosphere of my trip!

Our first stop! Gelatoooooo. It tastes so good!I think we should have more real “gelateria’s” in Belgium!
 The cathedral looks so amazing!

Crazy buildings and shops!

The shop of our Belgian Dirk Bikkembergs is so amazing! It was so nice to just walk in it. I’m not really a fan of cars, but this one is great 😀

Some more gelato. Nom nom nom

Arrived in Genova! Love the hotelroom.

Breakfast! Yumm

We went to the highest point on a mountain to have this lovely view on Genova.

There were a lot of this little guys in the mountains.
Genova is very charming to walk in!

We’ve seen some nice artwork and buildings! Love it!
That’s it for the atmosphere, let me know if you liked watching this in the commentbox! More coming soon!