My Polette Eyewear experience

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Recently I got to try out Polette Eyewear. They are well-known on the French market, but they launched in Belgium not so long ago. I hate wearing glasses but I really have to when I’m driving or when I’m watching television or I can’t see anything. So while you’re at it, better have a nice pair of glasses right? 

My first glasses ever where so expensive, and I was sick of them after a bit more of a year. That’s why I really love buying cheap glasses like this one. When you’re tired of them, you can just order a new pair or you can order a few pairs and switch them up. Because Polette doesn’t have any intermediaries, they can keep the price this low. You can read more about their concept here.

I don’t notice any difference with these glasses or my expensive ones, they do the job just fine. Of course there are some differences in the frame. You don’t have a fancy brand name and it’s very lightweight, which I actually don’t mind. What I personally do mind, is that the frame doesn’t fit quit well. When I bend my head down, the glasses fall to the tip of my nose which makes me look even more like a nerd ;-).But I just think this frame isn’t a good fit for me personally, I will definitely consider picking a different shape next time and see if I still have this problem. 

The glasses arrived after a few weeks, which is longer then they told me it would take but personally I don’t mind that much. I ordered during the holidays so I wasn’t really surprised by the delay. Overall, considering the price and quality, I’m very pleased with Polette Eyewear. What do you think of my new glasses and would you order glasses online?