Nails of the week: Splashing and polkadot manicure

Today I went shopping with my sister and mother and I bought a new pants in Antwerp. I will show you an outfitpost later this week with my new pants! 

This post will be about our nails of the week! We have two nail art designs: the splashing manicure and a polkadots nail art. First I will show you the splashing manicure. We used contrasting colors and a straw to bring the nail polish on. This one is not so easy to make, and we don’t know if we like the result that much. 

Products we’ve used for this manicure

Next I’ll show you the polkadots nail art. Nathalie used a mintgreen polish as base, and then applied purple and blue polkadots. She used a dotting tool to do this.

Used products

I hope you enjoyed watching our nail arts of this week. Please tell us which one you like most?