Cimarron pants-Julie

Today we went to Tilburg and here’s a shoplog. There’s a great atmosphere in Tilburg and a lot of great shops. We’ve found some great sales to! Take a look.

In the picture above you can see the pants that Julie bought. It’s blue with leopard print on it. I also bought three pants of Cimarron. They were in sales (49€ instead of 90€) and when we went to a different shop later we’ve found the same pants still for 90€! Great sales if you ask us ;-).

Cimarron pants- Nathalie
Top C&A- Julie

Sweater C&A- Julie

Belt The Sting- Nathalie
Jacket Zara- Nathalie

I bought this Zara jacket in Spain, for some reason Spain is a lot cheaper. I bought this jacket for 50€ and in Belgium the price is 70€! I think it’s crazy that clothes have that much of a price difference in two countries from the EU!

What do you think of our new items?

Nathalie and Julie

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