On my wishlist…

Hi babes! I thought it would be fun to give you an update on my designer wishlist. As you can see I only picked out accessories. Clothing is just too expensive and I’m tired of my clothes way too quick! I just bought my Gucci Jordaan loafers and I love them so much that I’d love to add a new pair of designer shoes to my wardrobe. Sneaker wise I notice I wear my Stan Smiths at least a few times a week so I’d love to go for a pair of white kicks. I love both the Gucci as Saint Laurent ones but I feel like the Gucci sneakers are just that bit more special. I also love these black pumps from Jimmy Choo with perforated stars. You can never go wrong with a pair of black pumps!

Bag wise I noticed I always crush hard on small bags, such as this Saint Laurent and Gucci bag. That’s why I want a bigger bag for once since my stuff just doesn’t fit in these tiny bags. For an every day bag I think a black Givenchy Antigona bag would be the perfect match. If I’m going for a small bag again it would definitely be a nude one since this is also missing in my collection. I think this Gucci Marmont bag would fit my style perfectly. 

Summer is approaching so it’s time for a new pair of sunglasses. Red is a colour that suits me well and at the moment I don’t have a pair of sunnies with a red frame. My Céline shades are very flattering to my face so it would be perfect to add this red pair to the collection! 

Two of these items will be in my wardrobe soon, can you guess which ones?