Hi loves, today I want to talk about a product that I recently started using, and I can’t live without it anymore. I’m talking about the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, which is a cleanser for face and eyes. The Japanese brand/product just launched in Belgium, but in other countries this is already a must-have product. Every 10 seconds, one bottle is sold (source: Teen Vogue) so I was pretty curious to try it for myself!

As you can imagine, my job as a blogger requires make-up on the daily, which can be stressful for my skin. Since I’m using the DHC oil, my skin looks a lot better and is less dry. On the pictures in this post, I’m wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade and a velvet matte lipstick, which we all know, aren’t easy to get off.  My (waterproof) make-up melted off within a few seconds of massaging the product on my skin, needless to say I’m impressed!

I normally use the cleanser under the shower, because I love to take a hot shower before going to bed and multi-task by cleaning my face while singing ;-). When I skip the shower part I just use it as I’m showing you in this post. What’s very important is that you apply the oil to dry skin. So if you use it under the shower, don’t make your face wet just yet! I rub the oil in both hands and start massaging my face and see all the make-up come off before I rinse my face. I also love that the oil doesn’t leave a greasy film, which is often a reason why I don’t like using oils.

I used to be a bit nonchalant with my evening routine and wouldn’t bother if there were still bits of make-up left, since it would take so much time getting it all off. Using the deep cleansing oil is actually quicker than my old routine and it’s really satisfying to know you go to bed with a thoroughly cleaned face. Thanks to this, my moisturizer works into my skin a lot better during the night, which makes my skin more fresh and hydrated. The Deep Cleansing Oil is definitely a keeper and I must say, I can’t wait to try more of the DHC products!

The Deep Cleansing Oil by DHC does not contain any mineral oils, parabens or perfume and is available at Ici Paris XL , retails for 17,90 euro or 33,50 euro (70 and 200ml).


Post in collaboration with DHC