Out and about in Amsterdam!


As you are reading this, I’m on my way back to Amsterdam already but I’d love to share some pics from my stay in Amsterdam last week! The new Corendon Vitality hotel was so kind to host our stay. The hotel is just out of the centre, but this comes with a lot of advantages. The rooms are a lot bigger than in the centre of Amsterdam and this hotel starts at 69 euro for a standard room.

I love that the hotel only opened recently, which makes it very modern and the rooms have a lot of daylight. If you wanna skip going to the centre for a day, you can relax in the spa or do a workout session in the gym. The hotel restaurant is definitely worth a visit as well! Be sure to check my video to see more about the hotel and my trip in general. 

blog11234 8Chantelle was so kind to let me pick out new lingerie for the Holidays! I love the black lace on this one. Good news for you because Chantelle is feeling generous ;-). From today until the 24th they will have a giveaway daily on their facebook page. If you want something new for the Holidays, be sure to keep an eye on their page! 



Amsterdam is only one hour away by train and it’s the perfect destination for a quick getaway. Even though I had the best time with Annabel, walking around the canals is so romantic, I can’t wait to come here with Jeroen somewhere soon.

I think you guys know I love food hotspots and Amsterdam definitely have a few. Below you can see me at the Pullitzer hotel, that avocado toast was without a doubt the best I ever ate! The second day we went to The Corner Bakery, all their dishes are almost too cute too eat. Get that camera ready for the instagram pic ;-). 

blog01 blog02


Hope you enjoyed my diary and be sure to let me know if you’re gonna try out one of these hotspots!