Outfit: Amsterdam Canals


Hi loves! I’m sure you already know I was in Amsterdam for a short trip with Annabel. We were beyond lucky since the weather treated us on some sunny fall days. We wandered around the canals and I fell in love with the beauty of Amsterdam. It was the first time I really had some time to explore this city and take it all in. I’ll be going back on Thursday for an event and even though I’ve just been there, I really look forward to it! 

For this trip I took my new Kipling backpack with me. When you’re walking around all day, you often need just that little bit more space, so a backpack comes in handy! This one is just the perfect size to keep it fahionable and feminine. I love furry items and this monkey keyring charm is the cutest! It adds a nice details to the bag which I can also say about the glitter pockets on the side. Perfect for the festive season coming up but subtile enough for an every day bag. 

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I’m wearing:
Sweater: Primark
Bag: Kipling 
Coat: IKKS

Shoes: Wonders