I just got home from spain, and I miss it already. The weather was amazing, I love being on the beach, swimming in the sea, falling a sleep in the sun and dress up for dinner after all that. But unfortunately it’s time to come back to reality. The weather is terrible here, tomorrow and friday I have to work (and the next weeks) and in august I have some exams, since I didn’t pass three of my exams :/. 

But at least I had a nice holiday so I’ll just look back to that for a moment! I’m showing you my traveloutfit of today. Don’t look at my tired face, I only had four hours of sleep, and I really need at least eight hours a night! 
I did some nice shopping during my vacation, and have some great summeroutfits for you coming soon! Those who follow me on instragram (nathalievandenberg) or twitter (nathalie_vdb) already got to see some of it! 
About the outfit: of course I’m wearing my lovely sneakers, because they are just cool and comfy at the same time. I’m also wearing my new items that I couldn’t wear in spain (too hot!). That’s it for now, I think it’s time for a powernap. Let me know if you like my traveloutfit! 

I’m wearing: 
Jeans: Fornarina
Sneakers: River Island
Blouse/blazer: Zara
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Guess


Ps: This week our blog reached 200 followers, big thank you to all of you! <3