This is my outfit that I was wearing at the first evening in Spain. Of course I had to wear my hat, since the weather in Belgium was too bad to wear it, and when it was, my mum didn’t let me. This outfit is just perfect for me: comfy, pink and some sparkles!  

Vacation already seems so long ago, I’m missing the palmtrees, the beach, the sea… BUT I’m happy the weather is hot in Belgium now. 

Also I’m trying out some new things for our blog, finding my way step by step. What do you think of this jump break? I was always ‘against’ it, but I’m realising now, that maybe it’s more easy to read my blog, when you don’t want to read everything. What do you think?

I’m wearing:
Shoes, top & hat: unknown
Bag: H&M
Shorts: Bershka
Ring: Pronails
Watch: Swatch