Outfit: leo pants

As I told you before, I went to the sales in Antwerp. I didn’t buy a lot, but I bought this pants, that I like a lot. I bought this t-shirt a while ago in Tilburg. Finally the weather is good and I can wear it! I like the combination of the t-shirt with this pants. I also bought a new Iphone-cover. Isn’t it cute?

This location is just across our house. They are building a new road to go on and off the high way. So we will be having a lot traffic in our street soon :-(. But for now it’s a great outfitpictures-location. 
I’m meeting with a friend now, so got to go! Talk to you later. Let me know if you like this outfit!

I’m wearing:
Pants: River Island
T-shirt: Sting
Shoes: Vans