Hi guys, I’m showing you my new maxidress today. I bought this dress in spain at -50% at Mango! One of the best buys of the year! I was looking for a maxidress for a long time, but it seemed hard to find one that isn’t making you 10 times larger then you are and that also has the perfect colors. But then I’ve seen this beauty, after fitting it, there wasn’t even a doubt about buying it, had to take it with me! I hope you like this dress as much as I do.

Also I wanted to ask advise to the people using Disqus. I’m having some comments that don’t seem to appear on it! But when I check on my mobile phone, there just there, any thoughts why this could be?

I’m wearing:
Maxi-dress: Mango
Sunglasses: Terre Bleue

Hope you enjoyed these summerpictures! I sure do get my summervibe back after looking at these. 🙂