Paris with Chantelle

Last week I was in Paris for a great day with Chantelle. We visited the factory to see the process of their lingerie, we had a night in one of the most beautiful hotels in Paris and we had a delicious lunch at Canard-Duchêne, well-known for its champaign, where we visited the cellars. For my Dutch followers, be sure to check my vlog. 

First up was a private fitting of the new collection. I tried a push-up bra, a demi bra and a lace triangle bra. To see which one I took home, keep on reading ;-).

Then it was time to visit the factory. Only then you realise how much work one bra takes. I always like factory visits, I find it so fascinating! So many things are still done by hand, which I think is incredible.

Time for lunch! We were driven by cute oldtimers to Canard-Duchêne. Too bad the weather wasn’t the best because normally we would have had an amazing view on the vineyards during lunch. 

Here it is! I finally found a lace triangle bra which looks great on me, but is also very comfortable and gives me enough support! We stayed at Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Paris, who definitely gave me the most beautiful room I’ve ever had. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and big thank you Chantelle for this experience!