Personal: A week in my life

black prom dress

Hope you’re all having a nice Easter weekend with lots of chocolate! It’s been since forever since I did a more personal post so I wanted to share with you how a week in my life looks. Be sure to add me on snapchat (curlsandbags) for more!

On monday I had a meeting with Media Mania to pick out a La Pomme de Loveley handbag and I was going to The Great Escape by UGG (which you can read about here). I wanted glamorous curls and the fastest way to do so is to put your hair in a high ponytail and then just curls the tail piece by piece. Beautiful curls in no time! On the picture you can see me with Julie and the pair of UGG shoes that I picked. I guess you wouldn’t think about these kind of shoes when you think about UGG, but the summer collection is really refreshing with espadrilles, wedges,…

On tuesday I discovered the new Rouge Brillant lip glosses at Dior (post will follow soon!) and when I was back from Brussels, I’ve met up with Tara to spend the evening. We first went to Bar Doux where you can get your hair done, drink a smoothie and get a personalised shampoo. If you wanna go, be quick! You can find Bar Doux at Meir 41, Antwerpen until april 12. The rest of the evening we went to dinner and went to a party.

Wednesday is always family day. My grandma and aunt swing by our house during lunchtime and in the evening my mom makes french fries and my brother and sister-in-law visit with Max. In between I went to the Press day of Matuvu where I really loved this Blake Seven sweater!

On thursday I catched up with my work as freelancer and my blog (I also do this when I have some spare hours on other days of course). Managing my emails, taking pictures of the products I got in, writing blogposts etc. I also went to the hairdresser for a darker and shorter haircut. I kinda miss my superlong hair, but it’s a lot easier now.

On friday I was working at Supreme Gelato. Be sure to visit if you’re close to Sint-Job-In’t-Goor!
Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

On saturday I dropped by the Timberland store to check out the event I told you about here. I’ve met Ish from So You Think You Can Dance and you could get a travel guide personalised with a purchase of minimum €50. I did some shopping with Julie and we also visited our grandma.

On sunday I was back at Supreme Gelato working with Julie. That’s how my week looked. Hope you enjoyed this more personal post. Let me know what you’re doing on this Easter monday in the comments!