Raf Simons for Dior: Personal favorites

We all know Belgium has talented designers, but when I’ve heard Raf Simons was taking John Galliano’s spot at Dior I was so happy! I love it when Belgian designers achieve great things, so we have at least something to be proud of! You’ve got to admit, having great fashiondesigners is waaaaay more interesting than having a great footballteam (which obviously won’t be happenning in the near future). A few days ago it was time for the debut-collection of Raf Simons. I must say I totally love it! It was hard to select my favorite looks, but here you go:

Source: marieclaire.co.uk
Looks amazing, doesn’t it? I love the lines of the designs, the prints, the colors, well just about everything! The only thing that I find a bit sad, is that some models scared me by being that skinny, but we know that isn’t going to change in the near future either. I’ve read that Raf Simons was happy with his debut, and I think he can be really proud! I’ve seen him IRL when I was modelling at the masterpresentations a while ago (he was judging), and he seemed to be a really kind person.
What do you think of the debut? Can you pick a favorite look?