Review: Canon Powershot G9X

Hi guys! I’ve been using this Canon Powershot G9X for a few months now so it’s time for a dedicated post about this camera ;-).

8th Grade Dance Dresses


I will let the backdrops speak for themselves but I also want to point out some features why I love this camera so much. Expectations about the quality of pictures on instagram keep on rising so it’s almost not done to take a picture with your mobile phone. That’s why I always try to bring my G9X with me, the colours and image quality is much better than a phone picture! The Canon G9X has a wifi option which makes it possible for me to share pictures instantly to my social channels.

Next to that it’s super small, it even fits in most of my clutches. This is especially important to me when I’m travelling. I took almost all of my Thailand pictures with this camera, as it was so easy to take with me.  It also has a cute vintage look, which I can appreciate ;-).



A functionality that’s very useful is the remote shooting. All you have to do is connect with the wifi and open the camera connect app, and you’re ready take pictures from a distance with your smartphone. On your smartphone you can see the exact same thing as you would normally on your camera and you can also focus on objects. The picture below for example is taken with this functionality.

Be sure to check out my campaign video that I did for Canon! I’ll explain more about the Canon Powershot G9X.

Thanks for reading!