Review: Zalando

I guess you already know Zalando, since their ads are all over the internet and on television, but it’s always nice to read a review about the service, isn’t it?

Zalando is a webshop that recently started shipping to Belgium. The first thing that I noticed was that there is A LOT of choice. I think you can spend days on Zalando before you’ve seen everything! They sell shoes, clothing, sportswear, accessories, beautyproducts and decorations for your home. They have so many brands, it’s crazy! Some of our favorites are: Guess, Eleven Paris, Killah, Miss Sixty, Fornarina, Vans, Cimarron, and so much more. You can find all brands HERE.

We decided to both order a top. Julie went for this Ichi T-shirt and I’ve chosen an Eleven Paris top.  I’ve wanted one for a long time, and wow they are popular! The first day that I was online shopping, there was only a Kate Moss T-shirt, and the day after it was gone! I was a bit depressed but after waiting a few days, there were new tops *yaay*. I’ve ordered the one with Karl Lagerfeld and after a few hours, the tops were all gone! So I can’t show you the item, but you can find everything from Eleven Paris HERE. We will show you an outfit later this week!

We’ve also ordered this lipgloss from T.LeClerc for Julie. We didn’t knew the brand, but we decided to give it a go! It’s a nice lipgloss and looks great on Julie. Did you already know this brand?
We’ve ordered on tuesday and I couldn’t believe how fast it went. Already on friday 8:00 the mailman delivered the package. So in only three days you have your package. Above all the shipping and return is free and easy!
So we’re totally positive about Zalando. Great and fast service, a lot of choice and discounts, what does an online shopper want more ;-)?