My routine for summer legs

sexy evening gown

Looks like we finally got treated to some amazing summer days here in Belgium! As I’m pretty tall, I love to show off my legs during summer with dresses and skirts. Making your legs look beautiful does take some preparation though. I really stick to a certain routine which I’d love to share with you guys.

First things first, I always  start with scrubbing my legs. I do this for three reasons. I always wear selftan, so by scrubbing the last bits are srubbed away, making sure my skin colour is even to tan my skin again. The second reason is to avoid ingrown hairs after shaving. And finally, by removing dead skin cells my skin is a lot smoother, also because I can shave as close as possible.

As you can guess already, the next step is shaving. Shaving also removes a layer of dead skin cells, so combined with a scrub my legs are ultra smooth! Nothing feels better than freshly shaved legs, right? At the moment the Venus Swirl is my favorite razor. The flexiball makes it a lot easier to go around my knees, which can be a tricky job if you ask me ;-).

Third step is to moisturize! For that I use a body butter so my legs really get an hydration boost! And then finally after a couple of hours or (most of the times) the next day, I apply my selftan. For this I use a spray and I use a tanning mit to make sure I apply it evenly. And that’s it, my secret to summer legs! Fingers crossed we can flaunt them till October.

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