Shoplog Milan

Milaan was echt leuk om in te winkelen! Je komt er wel alle winkels vaak opnieuw tegen, echt heel gek! Ik denk dat ik vier winkels van guess heb gezien op een wandeling van drie kilometer! Hieronder een overzichtje van wat ik heb gekocht!

Milan was nice to shop! But you do find a lot of the same stores, so strange! I think I saw four Guess stores on a walk of three km! Below you can find my new items!

I already told you I wanted a pink Swatch earlier. Of course I couldn’t resist to buy this gorgeous one at the airport for 41 euro instead of 50 in the normal shops!

Some earplugs to match with my new watch and to look fancy in the gym

Oh My GOD! If you’re in Milan, you need to go to Kiko!! All nailpolish was just 2,5 euro! Of course I went a bit crazy in this shop, and I went inside all of them! I bought this at the first shop!
Of course I was so stupid that I forgot to buy the magnet, so at the second shop I bought this magnet, and also a dotting tool!

I had to try this magnet-stuff! I think it looks really cool! But at Kiko they only had it with darker nailpolish and I prefer some light polish or flashy colours for the summer :-(! And it’s also not so easy! You have to keep the magnet just above the nail, otherwise you don’t have a great effect, but you easily touch your nails…

I also tried this one!

I also bought this eyeliner! I love colourful eyeliner in the summer! I think it looks great, but when I removed my make-up with a product, the eyeliner was still complete on my eyelid :/! So I just went to bed with it :D. I think this is perfect when you’re on vacation and your swimming in the sea or swimmingpool, you look great all the time!

We passed two other Kiko shops, where I didn’t buy anything. But in Genova there was also a Kiko shop, and my boyfriend bought me some presents 😀  

I also bought this cute T-shirt!
And last but not least ;-), this is my new pants from Pepe jeans!