Show2012 Antwerp

The last days I had so little time to work on my blog! I’m so happy I can finally put a little post here! As I told you, I was walking the fashion show for the royal academy of fine arts in Antwerp. This means three days of crazy and beautiful clothing, a lot of camera’s, seeing all the other models back after a year and of course happiness after the show when everything went well. Anyhow the atmosphere is great and the show is really nice to see for fashionlovers! You can watch the show on this link. In between I also did two presentations for the masterstudents for the international jury and a shooting for the collection of Misora Nakamori. And well now I’m starting to realise I should get back to my books soon ;-). Here are some pictures of me on the catwalk.
1st Year

1st year

2th year: Esther Haamke

3th year: Misora Nakamori
Master: Charlotte Pringels
My personal favourites are the collections of Misora and Charlotte because it is very feminin and elegant. I did one silhouette more, for So Takayama, but I didn’t find a good picture of it yet. Which silhouette is your favourite?