Summer essentials

Today I want to show you my favorite beauty products to protect me from the sun! I received these products from Byron Bay and I was really pleased with them. I mostly used factor 20, and I really got a nice tan without getting burned! It’s not sticky at all and I love a spray. Factor 6 is not enough protection for me, but my sister used it a few times and she liked it a lot. The after sun was nice, but I’ve used better ones. 

I also brought this Tan Deepener from Lancaster. It recently launched because it’s the first time they have this product with factor 30. It’s a brown jelly, which gives your skin a more tanned appearance, perfect for the first day of a vacation! 

For my hair I brought these color extend sun products from Redken. My hair always suffer a lot from the sun and these products helped keeping my hair healthy!
Do you have any favorite brands for sun protection?