Travel: Benidorm

Two weeks ago I was invited to discover Benidorm. It’s funny actually because I went there a few times already with my sister, mom and grandma. I think it’s a perfect place for a holiday if you are with a group of people with a different age. I know everyone thinks about the Benidorm bastards when they think of Benidorm but in the summer there are a lot of young people. I was really excited to see where I would go on this trip so I could discover new places, let’s have a look at some pictures and my favorite spots. 

We did some watersports, kayak and jetski. It was my first time on a jetski and I loved this so much! Unfortunately jetski is always a bit pricy but if you ever have the opportunity to do it, go for it!  
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Our lovely group, I had a lot of fun with you guys and girls! 

Picture: Bas Bogaerts
For the best mojitos you need to go to the old Benidorm town and look for the Mojito Bar Playa Pequeña. They had it with all kinds of fruit flavours, yummm!
We went on a jeep safari with Marco Polo, the view was amazing, and it was fun to chill in a jeep with the wind in our hair. 

We did a quick stop at the waterfalls which I didn’t even knew about. You can go there to swim and tan. It was nice to see but not spectacular in my opinion, I’d rather just go to the beach. 

We went on a bicycle tour and had again an amazing view.

Behind the scenes

Next up we stopped to enjoy some time at the beach at Tio Ximo Cove which was really quiet and relaxing. I shot these pictures here. 

Of course there was plenty of food (too much actually!). I enjoyed the breakfast at the Sandos Monaco hotel a lot, it was huge!

The first day we went to a local restaurant (La Portuguesa) in a small street in the old town. It’s always nice to experience the local food in my opinion.

Another address is the Solotúla gastrobar where we had all kinds of dishes including this mini burger.

On the last day we had a paella lunch at Ulia, which was next to the beach, definitely a nice view!

The last dinner was definitely the one I loved the most. We first enjoyed a cocktail with (again) an amazing view and then had a supercozy dinner at Belvedere restaurant in the Madeira hotel. 
At the moment, I’m back to soak up some sun in Benidorm with my family. I’m definitely going to visit some of these addresses again in the next days. 
Thank you so much to Sound of C and Visit Benidorm for having me, I really enjoyed it! Also a big thanks to Jetairfly for the safe flights and my blogger partner Grietje for the fun times! 
Would you consider Benidorm as your next holiday destination?