Travel: Club Med Sinai Bay Part I

As you probably noticed all over my social media accounts, I had an amazing stay in Egypt with Club Med. Time for a detailed report, get ready for a picture overload!


We left from Brussels Airport and of course it just had to snow which caused some delay. A delicious breakfast was waiting for us in the business lounge, so we didn’t mind the delay that much ;-). We were flying in business class, which I really can get used to. We received a set with some flight essentials, such as earplugs, an eyeshade, a mini tooth brush and tooth paste, lip balm, etc. Dinner was served, which was probably the best food I ever ate on a plane. I´ve ordered a bottle of red wine, closed my eyes and went for a little nap. Before I knew we landed in Jordan where we took a boat to Taba and even on the boat there were already some snacks and very friendly people from Club Med welcoming us.


The rooms are very nice, the size is perfect and it has enough space for your clothes. Every day my bed was decorated differently, which was such a nice touch! Housekeeping even folded clothes that I left somewhere from the night before or added some fresh flowers to my room. But the best thing of all was the bed in general, I slept like a rose every night. In between two rooms is a door system, which you can open or keep locked but it makes it perfect to travel with family or friends.

If you love food (who doens’t?!) you won’t be dissapointed when travelling to Club Med. There was a buffet at the morning (with pancakes, donuts, fresh orange juice etc), lunch and dinner time. There’s live cooking so you can order small dishes. 

During our week we had two à la carte evenings, which I really loved for a change because then we could stay seated with the whole group which was a bit more cozy.

If that’s not enough, you could go to the snack bar at the pool, and there were also people walking around with fresh fruits when you’re tanning, yay for princess treatment! 
Getting a tan is kind of important for most people when they go on a vacation. I don’t get very tanned but well, at least I try ;-).

The main pool is heated and there is a lot of entertainment around this pool like aqua gym or different kind of games like waterpolo. If you don’t like this and you just want to relax, you can chill at the zen pool, it’s not heated but it’s more peaceful.

And the beach of course! Club Med has a private beach for the hotel guests only, so you will never be on a crowded beach. 

I need to keep my skin protected and these Bodysol products definitely did there job! What I like most is the after sun spray because in just a few seconds you can spray it all over your body to keep your skin hydrated after a day full of tanning! 

That’s it for part I, I don’t want to have you scrolling for hours ;-). Stay tuned for the activities we did and more.