Travel: My vacation in Spain

Ah, I loved our vacation this year. We went to Benidorm and thanks to the tips I got during the press trip, I definitely got a lot more out of my vacation. We visited some hotspots, had a nice hike, etc. Be ready to scroll ’cause there are a lot of pics here ;-). Let’s start with one of the most fun days of this summer so far! A friend of my grandma had a yacht nearby and he asked if we wanted to visit and spend the day on the yacht, like duh, of course we wanted to! 

Bikini: Calzedonia


Feeding the fish was a lot of fun too! We stopped at Moreira and had delicious tapas for lunch. This is also a cute place not too far from Benidorm, definitely worth a visit! 

Pina Colada to match with my Ice-Watch! Check out my review of this sunscreen here.

  Top and shorts from Boohoo
 Bikini: Triangl

I went back to Madeiro Centro, a hotel with a rooftop bar. I really loved this view so it was nice to show it to my family!

On a cloudy day I went for a hike with Julie. We stopped by a small beach called Cala La Almadraba. If you want a more peaceful time on the beach in Benidorm, just go to the end of Levante beach and you will find small beaches like this one. It’s also great if you want to go snorkeling! 

Outfit details here

 I visited Hotel Venecia, a five star hotel which is on the rock between Levante and Poniente beach. The view here is insane and the cocktails were yummy! Outfit details of this look here.
 Love this picture of my mom and grandma :-). 
 I love how badass my grandma looks in this picture :’) 
On my last day I met with Carolla from Visit Benidorm. She took me to this cute spot, and we enjoyed a nice cocktail while having some girly talks. It was the perfect way to end my vacation. The place is called Pane è Amore in Albir. If you want to visit Benidorm, be sure to check out the website of Visit Benidorm, there are great tips on what kind of activities and places you can visit. 
Even though I am sad this vacation went by so quickly, I’m really excited for my next trip. I will be going to Marrakech in September for the opening of a new hotel. Keep you posted!