Travel: Oceania Hotel Paris

As most of you know, I went to Paris Fashion Week. Today I want to talk about my stay in Oceania hotel Porte de Versailles

For me, there are three things really important in a hotel: the bed, the shower and the breakfast. Oceania hotels scored really good on all three! We slept amazing in the beds, the shower was good and the breakfast was everything that I expected with good coffee, fresh pancakes etc. Of course hygiene and wifi are also very important but that’s something I already see as a standard, and this hotel didn’t let me down on that part either. If you want to relax, you can even take a swim in the pool. 

Of course there is also room for improvement. The room isn’t that big, but still bigger than most hotel rooms in Paris. The bathroom is separated from the bed with a glass wand, which is transparant on the top, so you don’t have that much privacy when taking a shower. Next to that the hotel is a bit out of the center, but close to a metro station. I must say these three things didn’t bother me during my stay. I just think it’s relevant to know in case you consider booking this hotel on your next Parisian trip.

Sad to leave Paris ? thanks @oceaniahotels for the nice stay ? #paris #travel #curlsandbagsinparis
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If you want more information, be sure to check their website.