Tutorial: how to clean your make-up brushes?

Today I’m showing you a tutorial on how you can clean your make-up brushes on a easy and cheap way! My bestie showed me this video and I tried it myself. My brushes looked sooooo clean. I couldn’t even remember they had that color when I bought them *woops*. I also have a product of Mac Cosmetics, but it’s kinda expensive to clean your brushes each time with it. If you use make-up brushes, you should definately watch this video!

Also I wanted to let you know we’re using Disqus now instead of the blogger comment box. We’ve did this for two reasons: 1. the problem we’ve had earlier with the blogger system and 2. because you can make a profile, so that you can receive emails when we reply to your comment, which you don’t know with blogger unless you subsribe to ALL comments (mailoverload!). If you want to change too, disqus is really easy to add. Earlier comments will be online tomorrow so I’m happy they don’t get lost. 
What do you think of this video? And also let me know if you like this new comment-system!